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Georgetown Sunday – The SW Crew

Jumanji, Wings and SYL made a fine sail from Lee Stocking.  The contest of the day was a fishing tournament, we all put out lines and did our best but the only fish caught was a Little Tuney on Jumanji.  However, Morning Glory caught two nice Mahi a few miles from the harbor.  The coolest […]

Saturday the 23rd

We raised anchors right at 7AM heading for the shallows of the Pimlico Cays.  It’s always a little stressful because you’re in the shallows (4 to 6 feet) for a long time.  It seems like hours, but it’s probably only one.  The shallows went well, Mike had all the waypoints in so I followed him.  […]

Rudder Cut Cay

We left Black Point about 8 and we got to Rudder Cut about 1.  The wind was on our nose a bit so we traveled a further distance due to tacking on and offshore, so it took a little longer than expected but not a bad trip.  We were able to sail all but the last couple miles.  […]

Thursday – Black Point

The wind is howling but the sun is out so the weather is not ugly, just not perfect.  I suspect there have been some gusts over 25 mph.  Jono is getting increasingly better at beach combing.  He’s looking for beaches that are hard to access and he is find better stuff.  I think he has […]

Wednesday the 20th

The whole 3 boat crew enjoyed Black Point yesterday.  We walked the main road then looked in a store and the laundry mat after the great meal at Loraine’s.  We didn’t need anything.. just looking around.  The flotilla of dinghies made it back to our boats at Castle Beach just fine.  Wings joined us this […]

Castle Beach Tuesday 4-19

Jono is about to go treasure hunting on the big water side of the island, I’ll probably make a second cup of coffee and ride over to MG.  Winds are supposed to be high all week, then drop for the weekend.  I suspect our transit of the 16 miles of offshore into Georgetown might happen […]

Surprise !

Morning Glory showed up at Big Major last night just after dark, but I was already in bed so I didn’t know it!.  Ted swung by on the dinghy but my lights were out so he didn’t knock.  When I got up this morning I rode over to Mike’s boat, during the trip to Jumanji […]

Sunday Big Major / Staniel

Dinner on “Forever Young” last night was quite the event.  The food and company were equally excellent.  The first course was lightly seared mahi sushi, lightly crusted and served with soy sauce and fresh ginger.  The finish was a light citrus flavor combined with the olive oil the morsels were seared with.  Accompanying the sushi […]

Saturday Warderick to Staniel

The sail today was 20 miles of fun, we had enough wind to sail nicely but almost no waves…. it was typical Exumas sailing with the added bonus of competing with another Seawind.  We traded information (and misinformation) regarding sail settings all day.  Part of the fun was the friendly taunting on the radio during […]

Shroud to Warderick Wells

We are listening to Chris Parker, winds look calm today and tomorrow, we will see a front with stronger winds Sunday and Monday.  I’m looking out of the front window, watching a purple sunrise over the trees of Shroud Cay while Jono is getting SYL ready to go for me to get underway.  He already […]