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Wednesday May 4th 2016

9:45AM  The End

Tuesday Pirate Beach to Allens Cay / Northern Exumas

Three Seawinds departed Big Major at 7AM for points North.  My goal was Allens Cay at the top of the Exumas, Jumanji and Zephyros broke off to take a mooring ball at Cambridge Cay.  We had said our good byes on the beach the night before but there were sweet radio conversations from Jumanji of […]

Monday – Pirate Beach

We met Jack and Lauire… yep another Laurie last night on the beach.  They flew in to be with Ted and Mili on Morning Glory for 7 days.  We were all out driving around and happened to meet at Zephros to chat so we rafted the dinghys together and went to the beach enmasse with […]

May 1st – Big Major / Pirate Beach

In the wee hours of the morning a huge supply ship came right by our boat, I mean within 20’ of us.  I guess it’s the “mail boat” that supplies Fowl Cay Resort.  He docked over there for a while then moved on.  All these islands are supplied by these mail boats as they are […]

Last day of April – Little Farmers to Big Majors Spot

We left Little Farmers under sail alone and worked our way North to Jack’s Bay Cove for our first big adventure on the outside.  We hiked over the narrow spit of land, Jono went one way and I went the other to double our search area.  There were tons of wood, a wrecked boat and […]

Little Farmers

We parked at the South end of the airstrip.  Our plan for the day is to find out what “Ocean Cabin” is serving  and go there for either lunch or dinner.  Jono is on the outer beach this morning trying to support his growing boat habit (looking for treasure).  When we arrived yesterday we inflated […]

GT to Little Farmers Cay

Four Seawinds lifted anchor at 7:15 to make a formation fly by in Georgetown Harbor.  Jono and Mili were in the dinghy to take pictures as we approached Kidd Cove.  The boats in order are: closest to you sv “Zephyros”, second away is sv “Jumanji”, then sv “Morning Glory” with “Sea Yawl Later” in the […]

GT – Wednesday the 27th

Today is Seawind photo day, our plan is to get all 4 boats together for a photo.  Jono and I may be leaving GT tomorrow, so the opportunity for a group shot is waning.  I need to be back home in roughly a month, and we are talking about making some of the out islands […]

Tuesday April 26th – Georgetown

We charged batteries with the generator last evening; I cleaned the solar panels so we will see how they perform today.  Solar charging has been OK, but not up to par. Jono is at work this morning.. which means he’s on an outer beach hunting relics.  With the dinghy waiting for glue to cure, he […]

GT Monday

Today was a calm day, we shopped at Exuma Market via a dinghy ride across the harbor.  When we got back I started trying to diagnose a charging problem with the batteries.  We haven’t had to charge much… but with the sunshine we have, we should be seeing more power from our solar panels.  It […]