Monday – Pirate Beach

We met Jack and Lauire… yep another Laurie last night on the beach.  They flew in to be with Ted and Mili on Morning Glory for 7 days.  We were all out driving around and happened to meet at Zephros to chat so we rafted the dinghys together and went to the beach enmasse with us pushing the other two boats.. lol.  While at the beach we met a couple that lives in the next town from us in Mandeville Louisiana!  Matt and his wife had picked up her sister at the airport.  Nicole (the wife’s sister) is a cute little thing as Jono recognized right away… lol.  Matt is a spear fisherman and apparently a great angler, he gave us half a Mahi from his “overstocked” refrigerator.  We traded information then, as dark fell the mosquitoes drove us back to our boats.

This morning winds are up and down, it blew pretty good during the night.  That seems to be the pattern; most of the high wind has been at night for the last few weeks.  Jono is sleeping in this morning.  He rode back over to Morning Glory about 8:30 last night; I’m not sure when he got home.

10:30AM – Morning Glory and I decided to head North 10 miles or so for the day.  Ted wanted to show his company the Undersea Aquarium just north of Bell Island and I wanted to put Jono on some possibly unpicked over beachs at Thomas Cay.  It’s almost noon and I’m anchored at my intended spot, Jono is on the Oceanside looking for cruiser treasures.  I’m excited to have more shipwreck wood to add to my collection back home.  I ran aground once going into pipe creek.  It’s low tide so I’m not surprised.  It wasn’t bad getting off but it wasn’t fun either.  I think I’ll take a swim around the boat while Jono is on the beach.

MG didn’t come all the way back to Pirate beach but we did.  This would be the last day we would see the other Seawinds, we are breaking away tomorrow to head back to the states.  SYL

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