Tuesday Pirate Beach to Allens Cay / Northern Exumas

Three Seawinds departed Big Major at 7AM for points North.  My goal was Allens Cay at the top of the Exumas, Jumanji and Zephyros broke off to take a mooring ball at Cambridge Cay.  We had said our good byes on the beach the night before but there were sweet radio conversations from Jumanji of thanks and joy for being their guide for the first cruise to the Bahamas.  He didn’t mention how I taught him to sail… lol.  No.. I’m kidding.. Mike and Laurie are accomplished sail boat racers in their own right, but I know they found a few sail trims that work better on a Seawind.

SYL pulled in to Allens about 4:15, Jono promptly dropped the dingy and went on a discovery mission.  We have found so much interesting stuff this trip.  I think he has developed a search criteria.. and Allens showed promise in his beach exploring model.

Tomorrow we head out early for a 70 mile jaunt to Morgan’s Bluff to wait out some heavy weather.  Hopefully we have enough wind to maintain 6 knots, if not we will probably drop one of our three bladed jibs and augment the speed with an outboard.  Our plan if the weather holds is to cross the Great Bahama Banks Saturday and look at a Gulfstream crossing Sunday.  From there we hope to be able to not hurry as much…. once we reach the US.  Leaving now also gives us some bad weather days to hole up, and still make it home on time.

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