Took the day off…..

I did almost nothing productive on the boat today…. Our freinds took us shopping so we did some provisioning, but the only work on board today was loading the groceries we bought…. nary a screw or wrench was turned by my hand or any other on SYL today.

I’d like to get her compounded and waxed, but it seems expensive here, I may check in St. Augustine when we go thru there (some day)… lol.  Our sailing destination and departure date still seem to be as undetermined as that lost flight of WWII planes in the Bermuda triangle, and we are good with that.   

I was looking online this evening at Brunswick attractions… we may just have to hang out here a while.   “Skipper Bob’s” ICW travel guide is a great resource, we followed it loyally on the way here.   We parused it this evening to see what local (winthin a day or two’s sail) attractions might be fun… but it looks like Brunswick is the place to be for a 100 mile radius.  We probably won’t rush off as soon as we are able, but then we may do 2 or 3 days of sailing sun to sun in order to get further South.  As I’m thinking about it… being further South in February is probably the right choice.

John told me that the Marathon Florida anchorage is packed, no room available for more boats.  Marathon is the typical jumping off place to the Bahamas for some and a popular end destination for others.  I guess everybody is waiting for the “perfect” crossing weather.  I am leaning toward going bay to bay from Biscayne Bay to Card Sound then South by bay rather than by open water.  There’s some spots I’d like to hit on the way down like Gilberts and Alabama Jacks.  Who knows….   oops, did I just catch myself planning… I know better than that….


SYL!!  Rusty

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