Light at the end of the tunnel

The projects are getting smaller and smaller.  I got the new head out of it’s box, it will be an easy install.  I read the instructions last night.. so we are good to go.  Removing the old one will be harder than putting this one in.

Our new friends John and Carolyn took me to West marine and the liquor store today and offered to bring Linda to Wal Mart tomorrow for our final shopping run.  We pretty well have everything we need, but there are a few items we didn’t think of the first trip that need to be added to the ships stores.

Tonight we had a great dinner with our new freinds.  Linda made jumbalia and grilled vegetables, I did one of my stand up chickens.  It took forever to cook the chicken because the grill here at the marina struggled to get up to 300 degrees.  I had to cook the chicken for 2 1/2 hours… but it came out as good as always.

John and Carolyn were great company.  Their boat is georgious, shes a new Catalina.  I’ve been invited on board but honesly I’ve been so busy I haven’t taken the time for the grand tour…. maybe tomorrow. 

I did the hands and knees Comet scrub down on the back half of the boat today in preparation for the evening festivities.  It seems like it takes an event for us to get the boat cleaned up.. so we are grateful for the company this evening…. we had a wonderul time.  These guys had some sories to tell.  If we hadn’t asked them to come over we would have not gotten the boat polished up tonight….. Tomorrow will be nice as we reap the benefit of a clean and orderly cockpit.  We have transformed it from a work area to a living area again.  Linda and I are truly both enjoying our boat even though we haven’t left the harbor.

Man…  I’m trying to think what we have left to do… other than the head and scrubbing the front of the boat I guess we are done!  All of that is light work.

SYL !!   Rusty

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