Today was a fun day… The morning was warm so a lingering fog wandered through the marina over the cool water until 10AM.  Ducks swimming about made the only ripples on the water…. no wind.  Before noon the sun broke through and produced a superbly sunny day.  Our time was spent warm and bright with good company (our dock 5 buddies).

Linda and her new running buddy got manicures and pedicures today….. while John and I eased SYL over to the fuel dock and filled her up.  While we were there we pumped out the tank.  One of the chores I did today was to clean up the dock area…. I had thrown stuff off the boat to wash or throw away… the new head was in a box there too so I had quite a pile to go thru.  Today I cleaned up the “off boat” work area then broke up the huge bail of peat moss into six 2 gallon containers (6 months worth)….. the rest of the peat moss I gave to the grounds keeper.  We kept over half the 8.00 bale but really didn’t want to store the last $3.00 worth.

We have sort of decided to go to the Jacksonville boat show this weekend.  I thought about sailing there, but Linda, Carolyn and John want to drive over and back so we can all hang out here longer.    I’m 50/50 on it… so whatever everybody else wants to do is fine with me.  Friday night Ron White is playing live there at the dock, but tickets are $160 to $240 each…. I really thought about going anyway… but I am sure he’s more vulgar live than we can stand.   We have to “put up” with a bit of it to enjoy his humor on TV… but I bet his live performances get way on down there….. so as much as I enjoy him I think we’ll pass.

I’ll probably put the head in tomorrow.  The tank is empty and I’m ready to leave it that way!   It was fun to drive the boat again…. man those motors are running sweet and the new throttles are a joy to use.  No ethanol in Brunswick Marina gas…. !  I bought a lot of it even filling our jerry cans in case the next place has ethanol in it’s gas… maybe I can keep the carbs clean all the way home.

I’ll have the boat ready to head out tomorrow if Linda is.   It’s an easy two day run (80 miles or so) to J’ville.  I figure they will choose to drive to Jacksonville and hang out here longer.  Luckily all I have to do is Peddle…. she generally does most of the steering and I like it that way.

Sea Yawl Later !!  Rusty

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