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A “God Thing”

My past two posts represent only a factual summary of recent life events.  Sometimes when things come at you quickly… facts are all you can share.  The further you get from the situation, the easier it becomes to share the emotions of it.  I’d like to take a moment to add some color commentary if you will….  do some […]

Oi Vey Maria !!!

This has been a very active hurricane season on the Texas gulf coast.  As many of you know my son Jonathon lives on a boat and was currently in Puerto Rico when Maria came through!  Long story short Jono lost his home / boat to the 180 mph winds.  She was blown sideways into the […]

Hurricane Harvey

Life has been coming at us like bowling balls lately…  I’ll try to catch you up.  This whirlwind version will leave out many emotions and details, but you will get the gist of it. Houston and Beaumont got record rainfalls during Harvey, many areas got a full years rainfall in 3 days.  Houston’s heavier areas got […]

Houston is flooded, Beaumont is next.

This historic event created by Hurricane Harvey is enormous.  It’s hard to wrap your head around it, 6 million people (just in Houston) are flooded, many of them tragically.  Being an old guy…. I have some human observations I’d like to share: I’ll be interested to see how many looters survive in Texas.  After Katrina the rats that feast on heartache swarmed New Orleans.  […]

Sea Yawl Later !!

Its been a long time since I posted…. what I’d like to advise is that people new to this site look at “older posts” and check out the real reason we started this website. Sailing the Bahamas in our Catamaran “Sea Yawl Later”. Some nice pictures in there… enjoy.

Boat Project

The boat project is going well, there are more hours involved in the re-purposing than I expected but it’s been fun.  Here you can see the box the mattress fits in.I have all the wood on the bottom and 5 coats of varnish laid down now.  Sanding between coats has my arms looking like Popeye […]

Jono in GT / boat project

Here we are, the 3rd day of 2017 and I haven’t heard from my boy Jonathon all year.  Miss Adventure is parked off the beach at the “Chat-n-Chill” inside the harbor in Georgetown Bahamas, but seriously we haven’t heard from him in weeks.  He turns spot on now and then to let us know where […]

“Miss Adventure” and the WalMart of the sea

Hurricane Matthew stirred up everything in it’s wake, from the Southern Bahamas all the way to my son’s location on his boat “Miss Adventure”.  Jono rode out the storm in a shelter at Charleston South Carolina. You can follow him and his and his cat’s adventure as they head to the Bahamas and beyond.  Jonathon […]

Hurricane Matthew

Wow…. Matthew is crossing my stomping grounds in the Bahamas… taking the same path I have sailed many times on SYL.  Right now he’s in the very shallow very warm waters of the great bahama banks.  His path went straight from Long Island through the Exumas and Nassau to the top of Andros, across the […]

Sailing Dreams?

I have over 50K miles offshore sailing experience, I often think back to when I sailed that first time, and compare what I knew then versus what I know now.  I often dwell on that perspective so I feel qualified to talk on the subject.  Here you go.. a cruising captain’s version of the ultimate […]