The Lake – I’m better ~*~*~

Well I went to the doc when I got home but have no results back from all the tests yet…. I’m now almost over whatever it was I had.  I guess I outlasted my belly ache.  I think being here at the lake must have fixed me all by itself…..  Without being too graphic, I have seen my toilet paper useage drop to less than 1 roll a day…. much better!

My buddy Larry, his freind Tom and I ran our RC boats today.  Larry just put his boat back together after a great paint job…. with the tweaks he made the boat runs like it was on a string….. straight and fast.   Everything we ran today worked well and we didn’t break anything….. it’s always a good day when you don’t break something when your dealing with fast boats.

It’s really nice being here at the lakehouse.  This place is more than just calming… it’s serene.  I think being on the water always does that… especially if your house doesn’t move at night.  Maybe it’s just me, but being on or around the water is always my preference.

Not much else to report, I’m looking into a job in Corpus Christi Texas.  If that pans out I’ll bring my RV for the water (SYL) down South.   Corpus might be a nice place to be for a while. 

Sea Yawl Later…   Rusty

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