Lake Time

Job placement this year has been a circus so far. Originally Corpus looked like the place, then the company decided I needed to go to Carthage Texas…. then the day before I was to go on site that job was cancelled!  I had consigned myself to the Carthage job and even found a few positives to enjoy but who knows where I’ll be now…….

Carthage was close enough to home that I could spend every weekend here, I was looking forward to that.  Now I’m back on “Lake Time”…… enjoying friends and family here, running my rc boat (I clocked it at 63mph yesterday). I’ll post some pictures of the boat when I get a chance.

Pappy tilled up a garden spot this week (since we were going to be here to take care of it) but now thats not likely so we’ll see how the garden makes it with minimal care.

So today it’s wait and see what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be doing it for the rest of the year. “Lake Time” is nice, but we need a payday!

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