I’m Houma…

Well… not really “home” but today I decided to leave the boat in Houma Louisiana for a few weeks and finish the trek by car.   The best of the 4 good reasons to leave the boat here is that my next job may be in this area.  I have been considering this move for several days but didn’t want to say anything until I found the right place to leave her.

Jono and I are settling the boat to leave it and packing our stuff this evening.  I hope everything we need to bring home will fit in the car, it’s a station wagon but we have a lot of stuff.  It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow so unfortunately we can’t set things off the boat to sort through them… but we’ll make due.

We lucked out finding a slip for SYL.  The fellah at the Municipal marina told me about a fuel stop so I was trolling around asking for info and found “Mr. David”   Mr. David owns quite a bit of water frontage on a canal just off the ICW.  He has some slips but where I am is an alongsde right in front of his house.  He just poured the slab for this wharf and it doesn’t have power yet, but it’s very protected.  I’ll probably come back in a few weeks to bring her home, but for now she will be just fine.

Jono really enjoyed his time with me and SYL…. we talked alot, he learned tons about how the boat works and only needed to be shown once how to do anything.  It was a pleasure to have him aboard.  I bet he didn’t know this was going to be a working vacation… well, yeah I think he did and wanted it that way.   The knowledge Jono brings home with him about sailing in general enriched his life.  He made tons of great pictures along the treck from Marathon to Houma Louisiana.  The GPS says SYL has travelled 1445 miles since we left Georgia.

My sister is coming to get us tomorrow morning.  I bet she arrives about 10 and we get home before dark.  70 miles per hour will certainly get us home faster than 7 knots….  plus the highway is a bit straighter than the ICW.  It will be nice to be home, I have been feeling a bit under the weather… that coupled with cold rainy weather that set in just today made the decision to stop much easier to make.

Sea Yawl Later    Rusty

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  1. Bruce says:

    Just bought a Nauticat 33 in Mississippi. We will be coming through Houma in a few weeks. We are taking the boat to her new home in the Clear Lake area. Houma is one of our planed stops. Will give you a yell if your still there

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