SYL has her full crew!

My sweet Linda is back on the boat…. SYL is no longer a man camp.   She has been off the boat since Destin.  We arrived back at the boat last night, fired up the XM radio and enjoyed the sunset at Bayland Marina together. 

Linda will spend her day visiting her dad 45 minutes away, before she goes I’m sure she’ll be organizing and cleaning up the man camp…… 

I slipped into Bayland Marina almost out of everything… the stove wouldn’t work this morning because the propane is out, both motors need oil changes, I have about 4 gallons of fuel on the whole boat, the only thing we have plenty of is water.  This evening I’ll change the propane bottle and replentish some of the systems.   We were on a purpose filled mission to get SYL to Texas and did so quite sucessfully.

Houma to Baytown in summary: I got 20 more miles than I expected the first day out of Houma so I had a leg up to begin with.  I made two 100 mile days in the ICW… the second of which included 200 miles of shore travel as well.  That’s what I call driven.   One day I only went 75 miles.. I felt like I was slacking some how… lol.

So we are “on station” here in Texas but still quite unsettled at the moment.  There are at least three different locations I might be stationed for work, each in a different city.. which one is yet to be determined and Linda’s dad.. being at the end of his life is understandably unsettling.  I think we are handling it quite well but a tiny bit more stability might get me back down to one Prilosec a day.

Last night Linda and I really enjoyed being back on the boat together. 

Sea Yawl Later !!   Rusty

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