Daddy Joe, You Will Be Missed!

Last Monday we brought my Daddy Joe home for his final journey.   He was in the log house he and my mother built with their own hands, near the pond they dug, the apple orchard he planted and nurtured and the literally hundreds of blooming plants and producing fruit trees that he and mom have spent their life loving and caring for.  He was surround by all those who love him and he peacefully went to his heavenly home at 1:00 am Friday morning.  The last few weeks have been hard but especially the last week and 1/2 when we knew the fight was over.  Daddy Joe was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer 17 years ago, had surgery and treatment and for about 10 years life went on as normal.  Normal for Daddy Joe and my mom meant lots of traveling, painting ( my mom is V. Hollan Swain an American Impressionist) and caring for their 13 acre property.  About 6 years ago, the thyroid cancer reappeared with another blood cancer which causes the thyroid cancer to be very aggressive.  Daddy Joe had to have a laryngectomy and chemo but again after treatment and adjusting to life with a laryngectomy life was good again until about a year ago.

Daddy Joe and Mom and been married for 30 years and I couldn’t have loved him more.

Rusty and I have been getting SYL in shape and we are almost there.  It is good to be on-board again.  For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I am not preparing to leave for an extended cruise or am I working.  I am really enjoying SYL. She is so much easier to care for if we are not having to take 7 – 8 months worth of supplies with us.  Rusty cleaned the main salon with comet on his hands and knees yesterday and it is beautiful.  I don’t think she has ever been soooo white.

I have been reading a book, Simply Sailing, which I thought I was going to enjoy.  However, I find myself getting really annoyed by the arrogance and downright snobbery of the author.  I will finish it but I have a feeling I will have to add my two cents once it is done.

More later….


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