SYL is in place…

Currents and the wind were in my favor on Good Friday.   I expected to arrive at Bolivar about dark and spend the night there, but we not only made Baytown… my crew (Dean and Katie) drove me to Buna to my car and I drove an hour and a half up to the lake.  My day started about 6 and ended before midnight, not so unusual… but sailing 100 miles and driving 200 in one day is.

I really enjoyed the sail, but it’s nice to be home. 

Katie and Dean made a huge commitment to the day.  They had a longer run than I did….  They got up around 3AM, drove from Kemah to Port Arthur, got on the boat with me, made the 100 mile sail then drove me to Buna, then back to Kemah.  What a couple troopers.  

The morning is cool and clear, breakfast was ecellent… I’m going to put the deck boat in and take everyone on a ride.

SYL  Rusty

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