New Steed!

And He’s a big one……  I did go to Motiva Port Arthur.  The midstream change of mounts was done almost flawlessly.. I did hang a spur there for a second when I was almost off the last horse… but got it shook loose pretty quick.

There is a LOT of work here, I probably won’t see it all because I have a prior commitment in October, but this place is like a 3 ring circus with all that’s going on.   I suspect 90% of the craftsmen within a 200 mile radius will be here at Motiva for quite some time.  They find new problems every day so the already huge scope is expanding rapidly.

The schedule has been fun so far, its unlike any other I have made because it’s based on when we get material for each piece of the puzzle.  It’s probably one of the most complicated I’ve built in a while.. that makes it fun.  The people I am with make it good too.  I worked with the major players years ago so it’s a reunion of sorts… good people.

Linda is still on the boat, we will be back and fourth I’m sure… during my stint here at Motiva, then back to SYL full time when we go to Tx. City. 

The horse I roped is bigger and stronger than I thought….. got on him in full stride too..  Heck I would even say I got on in a turn rather than the easy straights.  Better get back to the grind…. 30 minutes until quitting time.

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