Swapping Horses

The current job I’m on is about to finish so I’ll be changing horses here shortly….. this one’s run out.  Currently we are about to turn the unit back over to operations so it’s time to go to the next one.

Nothing is ever set in stone, but my next job may be in Port Arthur Texas.  Motiva recently completed a huge addition that doubled their oil refining capacity….   Unfortunately when they started the new unit something bad happened that litterally destroyed much of the new 300 million dollar facility due to what is being called “accellerated corrosion”.  My company was awarded part of the rework so my name has been thrown in the hat to meander over there for a while.  I may spend a few months in Pt. Arthur until the job I’ve already been assigned to comes up late in 2012.

Every time one job ends a new adventure begins.  I have grown to like the freshness that results in changing locations several times a year but I have to admit… there is always that gnawing uncertainty associated with every life change.   Where will we live, where will we keep the boat, how often can we get home…… now as I loosen the girth strap on this one.. my eyes are scanning the new stock as the herd gallops by… looking for the right horse to throw a stirrup over.  It’s a precarious but exciting time.  Sharp hooves driving into the open range.. my hat’s pulled down tight and the rope is swinging….. I hope I like the one I catch!   The old horse now barely perceptable but still the one I’m spurring…. a delicate balance is cerainly required.

I feel like a circuit rider… the old hat at the pony express… bringing in the mail while dodging the worst the wild west has to offer.  Successful so far… famous along my own beaten trails but not without cactus scars, dusty britches and no time to wash.  I feel like an old cowboy half twisted around in my saddle.. one tight stirrup the other heel in her flank.. looking back over my shoulder with a smirk ….  saddlebags filled and flapping in the wind…. I beat another one!

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    Wearing your new alligator boots?

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