Winch Day

On every lucky boat there is always a winch or two on board just in case you need it… my boat has several scattered about….  Today was the day I chose to service all my winches.

I’ve done good, I’ve got them all satisfied except one……  I have a kit just for the anchor windlass.  After I get done with her I’m quitting for the day.  That’s a lot to do in one day for any man.  Winches… you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them………

I think I’ll change oil in the Honda generator before I tackle the windlass.  It’s supposed to get cold in a day or two.   Of course we are still plugged in to the dock so electricity is free flowing right now but the Honda is something easy I can mark off the list of things to do before we go.  We re-installed the jib and reset the lazy jacks today too, so she is ready to motor or sail down the river…. at our leasure.

One thing that didn’t work out as I expected was the lift off hinges required to remove the access door behind the new head.  I bought some nice stainless hinges that lift off their pins to remove the whole door…. but they won’t work because the door is inset into the wall so you have to open it 1/2 way to clear the jam… which negates the purpose of the special hinges.  Anyway, I’m going to remove the pins from the existing hinges and put loose fitting drop in clips in the hinges so we can remove the door easily without cutting it.  I’ll live with that a while and see how I like it.  If that doesn’t work I’ll do the Ted Cook thing and make it easy to use by dividing the door into top and bottom sections.

Back to work…. Rusty

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