Night Time in the Swamp

I’m in the middle of the Louisiana swamp tonight, all alone on SYL.  I left Houma singlehanding the boat to get her stationed in Baytown for the upcoming job.  The sounds out here are amazing….  owls chatting to each other in the distance…  tree frogs and birds saying good night to each other.  I’m about 10 miles past Morgan City (where the “Swamp People” live)  I can imagine big gators swimming by wondering who that is in the big old’ boat parked in my spot…..

There is something to be said for being alone every now and then.. all to yourself listening to nature in it’s most rare and natural form.  I love friends and people around me… but tonight is one I’ll remember for a long time.  Who gets to camp out in the middle of the Louisiana swamp with the bugs barricaded out on a big fine sailboat.  People I highly reccomend it.

I threw SYL’s dock lines off the dock in Houma at 1PM,  and arrived in the middle of nowhere between Morgan City and… well… nowhere at 8PM.  I made 45 or so miles this evening, 20 more than I expected to make.   At 8 I could no longer see the banks and the mosquitos went into full attack mode so I found a wide place in the “Ditch” and set anchor for the night.

Looking at “Skipper Bob” I knew I had to make it to the 100 mile marker or better to be able to make Intercoastal City during business hours.  Shell Morgan is s must stop for gas and good food.  I’ll be there around noon tomorrow.

Good night all


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