Unpolitcal.. Un-politcally correct… read at your own risk.

I’m no political activist or an aristocrat who has nothing better to do than hunt a cause to champion… I keep fairly busy in life.  I work hard, then play hard with little time in between to worry about politics, but as an American I feel the need to speak up (and step up as well).

If you still think America is the best country in the world, look at this:  I don’t condone his language (be prepared for a few bad words) but hang in there…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16K6m3Ua2nw

I see a fledgeling movement starting to bloom that I believe has a chance of restoring America to the country she used to be.  I’d like to say Amen to this speech. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6NU1giRA

The key element in the speech for me is that America now believes that “perception” of what is right is all that counts.  Why is that?  It’s because congress and the political system is infected, yes I said infected with lawyer mentality.  Lawyers are taught to win by “hook or crook” as the speaker said.

We need men of honor and integrity leading our country that can speak freely with conviction and not get sued or run out of office on a rail by the liberal media for exercising their right to “free” speech.  We have gotten “blinkie” over political correctness.  PC forms the curbs that the liberal media uses to guide our country and sell more newspapers.  To heck with that, say what you mean and mean what you say!

Currently our country is ruled by people that can best persuade you to vote for them.  I say lets look at the honor of a man.  I think we missed a great opportunity last election to re-install integrity in the whte house.

Is America starting to realize that?… and swing toward sanity rather than aligning ourselves with the cutest of the two dogs in congress galloping along biting at each other.. paying no attention to where they are going, or the people they serve?… or more pointedly ”. off a fiscal CLIFF?  They give our money away to business giants that screwed up, then sue the government for not helping them more….  Political parties are totally self involved, they speak crafty words to convince us to keep them and only them in power.. nothing else.

I advocate electing “re-founders” of our country like the man in the speech, not lawyers that live only to convince you that they have it right at any cost to reality.  Professionals that live their life in order to bask in the high glory of self induced power… on OUR money.   A group of self governing individuals that live high above the laws and rules they make for you and me.  What a gig… the ultimate lawyer win….. right?       We need heroes and men of honor that defend everyone, yes even Christians and white people who believe in God and fair play.

The liberals have convinced America (and I find my self even buying into it) that minority causes are more important than my integrity.  I suddenly realized why… beause it “sells” in the media.  The “underdog story” is easy to take up and defend and it sells newspapers.  What fun is it to say Mr. So and So did something right today.. look at how smart this man is and how it helped America…..no way!   The media lives on controversy and has slowly bled the integrity out of America.  The colors of the flag are now pink… they pale in comparison to what the red blooded founding fathers dreamed of, fought and died for.  Are you going to let the lawyers and spin doctors win again next election?

My only forum is this blog.  I’m not hijacking an otherwise quasi-fun history of our journey through life to go activist on you…. but today I feel like an American, I see the bright red color in the flag, not pink ribbons and subcultures that I need to buy into in order to be politically correct.  I stand for biblical principles and will re-focus my life to re-gain my integrity.  I think all us Americans have been cheated by our “leaders”.

Remeber this? “what does is really mean”?  Smoke and mirrors politics, lawyer mentalities disgust me.  I’m not a Clinton hater by any means and don’t you be either, I just use that phrase as proof of the “lawyer mentality” that drives our country, and it’s driving us right off the cliff… to be comfortable as a third rate country with money trouble.  Is that the way you want to run your business?

Put up a wall of integrity in your life, defend honor and justice.  Be proud to say you care about people and say something good every chance you get to uplift your neighbor.  Lets go out and be America again, our kids need us to step up and defend them.

The most oppressed group of Americans are white men of integrity and fair play.  Why have we given power to those that would subvert us to do things we really know are wrong.  Lets all get along, reach down and call a problem a problem and help the guy, don’t try to make his lifestyle mainstream so he’ll feel better about his problem.

Don’t disrespect the black man, but don’t prop him up on a crutch that will cripple him and his children either.  Equal rights has helped America become strong and get square on it’s feet, but at some point the black man needs to throw down that crutch and tear up his “black card”.  Be the man he wants to be on his own.  I have many friends that have done just that.

What America needs is a strong dose of reality and a leader capable of surviving special interest groups and minority pressure.  Does speaking my mind make me a “angry white man” bent on surpressing those less fortunate?  I’m not going to buy that anymore, or worry about “political correctness”, PC is not fair and not part of any solution… except to promote the special interest “causers” that wave that flag in an attempt to quiet the masses.

I think I’ll defend my beliefs and respectfully disagree with those that want to make it OK for Gays to lead boy scouts.  I think I’ll defend my right to say music that disrespects my beliefs and trains our kids to kill and act like punks to be popular is just wrong.  I think I’ll respectfully change sides of the road when I come across a group of black boys hanging out on the sidewalk with their pants strategically placed on their butt to offend me as much as possible.  I think it’s OK to be a Christian and defend my beliefs rather than blend in with the “New America”.

I am in the process of un-evolving……. drawing clearer lines rather than singing “cumbaya” with the liberals that would smear the lines to a flat sheet of paper with no lines, all encompassing, all stupidly unquestioning blob of failure in order to not offend a subculture that’s fun to champion in order to make myself “feel better”.  There is not only room for honest, loving, caring Christians….  there is a huge void that needs to be re-filled by them, by US…..   Honest Americans… We need to step up and read the rule Book caringly and comfortably, but certainly out loud, that’s what America was founded on.

I hereby pledge my alegience…..

One Nation Under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.

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  1. Judith says:

    Well said! I appreciate you posting both videos but especially the second. I have worked in a Title 1 school in North Texas for 15 years and was severely reprimanded and told that my job would be re-evaluated in May due to the fact that I suggested to my Principal that we stop carrying and catering to people.
    I suggested that we take the time teach the parents how to be better role models for their children, show them how to set a budget, do their taxes, show them how to save money and support themselves, help them to be better parents. Not take over for them. (Was this really what Hillary Clinton meant when she said “it takes a village?” I don’t think an African village runs like this, nor did a colonial village back when our country was young. Everyone did their part to make that village thrive.) We need to start saying to ourselves: What you permit, you promote. This has got to stop.

    • Rusty and Linda says:

      Dear Judith,

      First let us apologize for just now responding to your comment. The truth is we did not realize you had sent a comment. I usually look at the comments but I haven’t been on in a while. This blog was created for when we are cruising. We have not been cruising in so long that we don’t post very often and it is usually just for our own edification. It never occurred to us anyone else would have an interest in our views or “ramblings”. I applaud your position. I suspect more teachers hold your view but are not brave enough to voice their opinion. The demographics in this country has changed and along with it the long lost American attitude of anything is possible with hard work and persistent. Personal responsibility is a lost virtue ( at least that is the way I see it).

      Thank you so much for your interest and comment!

      Sea Yawl Later!!


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