Farrah Fawcett, Eva Longoria, Allen Ludden, Don Williams…

What do they all have in common?  I guess if I’d put Selena in the title too – more people may be able to guess what the group of names have in common, but I felt like that would make it too easy.  All the people in the title sprang from my present work location… Corpus Christi Texas. 

What a diverse group of folks huh?  I’ll go ahead and tell you right now…. I haven’t seen too may Farrah’s “on the hoof” down here….  I’ll just leave it at that.  Well, I will chance it and add this one thing then stop right there;  The women walking the aisles of the local Wal Mart would more quickly be mistaken for Don William than one of  “Charlie’s Angels”……

Before people start tossing tomatoes at me… Corpus is nice!  Lots of water, a nice city marina, great sailing in CC Bay, good food, there are plenty of reasons to like Corpus and I do….  Really the only thing I have against CC is that it’s 7 hours home, so 2 day weekends aren’t worth the drive very often.  The water is much nicer than Kemah, the bay is a great place to sail, in 2 or 3 hours I can sail to several beaches nice enough for Linda to bob around under the boat.

I can’t believe it’s the middle of the year already….  Lots to catch you up on so I’ll be brief.  It looks like I’ll be working the current job until March of next year.  It’s a long one because we actually have two jobs back to back.  I’m only working 50 hours, the OT will start in September.  Then October thru February 2014 its back to regular hours, then another month of OT to round out the first quarter of 2014.  I like the folks I’m working with so things are going well.

Other big changes:  SYL is here and we sail her often, but we are not liveaboards at the moment.  Linda needed to be off the boat a while so we found her a land yacht. 

Yep, we are now trailer trash….

It’s hard to tell much about it in the picture, but it’s a Columbus 365 5th wheel travel trailer.  The thing I liked best about it is the construction, it’s made like a boat (cheap boat, but more like a boat than a rolling storage shed).  It has a welded aluminum frame, then the form is built with solid foam blocks.  9″ thick on the roof, 8″ underneath, then they laminate gelcoated fiberglass to the foam outside, the inside is also laminated to the foam.  It’s pretty solid.  Linda’s new box has 4 slide outs, one for the bed, a kitchen slide, and opposing slides in the living area.  The one slide you can see in the picture contains the recliners and kitchen table.

The RV does solve several problems for us.  During the holidays we need extra room at the lake and were considering adding on.  We can pull it home with us and solve that issue (if we had a truck to pull it).  Mainly the RV gets Linda relief from boat life while SYL is parked in a marina.  I don’t want to use up all Linda’s “boat friendly days” while it sit’s tied up like a horse in a stall.  Everybody has only so many boat days in them, it’s definitely a sliding scale when you ask a wife to live on the boat with you…. I suppose answers range all the way from “heck no” to “forever darling”…..  everyone has their unique comfort zones.  I think about it like this:  If your asking your wife to ride horses with you…. it’s great if she signs on and participates…. but then asking her to stay on the horses back while it’s standing in the stall seems a bit too much to ask now doesn’t it?
The recent RV purchase also provides a “trial run” for when we eventually swallow the hook.  We always thought we would like to do the RV thing, cruise on land around the USA when we are done sailing, so this gets our foot in that door early to see if we like it.  We probably bought a bigger unit than we would have if pulling it across America was an immediate goal….  our priority at the moment is more about “potability” than portability (counterspace), but that’s OK too. 
We sure found a nice RV park to put it in.  I’ve never seen such a great place to park a trailer.  These lots are owned by “Winter Texans” that RV down South when it gets cold at home, then migrate back home to the North in late October.  We’ll lose our sweet spot in a few months, we will have to live like the rest of the transients when the owners of the property want it back.
Anyway, I’ll end it there….. alive and well in Corpus, another $30,000 or so for a used truck and our new home will truly be “mobile”  for us…. crazy huh?

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