In the “short rows”

Have you ever wondered where the term “short rows” came from?  For those that haven’t heard the term it means getting to the end of something.  In years gone by mom, dad and the kids planted and cultivated their own food in the garden…  Seldom is there a perfectly square or rectangular plot to place the garden, so quite often the garden had a narrow end or a angled side that made some rows shorter than most.

When you get to the “short rows” it means your almost done hoeing or picking in the garden.  When you get to the short rows.. your’e almost done.  Here at the job we are definitely in the short rows with about a week to go.  The majority of the work has been completed.

In my world, it’s almost time to pack up my office in leftover letter size paper boxes and go to the next one.  There is a refinery in Corpus that wants us to come clean the plugs and tune up the carburetor.

I’ll be there pulling things together for 6 months before the overhaul begins.  It looks like the job will be a bit bigger than this one but not too much.  Soon I’ll be off the 100 hour weeks and back down to 50.  I really like the capital improvements a turnaround gives me, but it will be nice to have weekends off again, especially spending the summer in the warm blue waters of South Texas.  I have had one day off in the past 4 1/2 weeks, and that because they made me…..  There is a rule about how many days in a row you can work.  I may take next Sunday off if things are looking as good as I expect.

Sea Yawl Later !!   Rusty


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