Winter has wondered into our land…….

It’s beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas

Yes, cold is a relative term, but bbbrrrrr it’s cold this morning.  SE Texas was still shorts weather until yesterday.  This morning I had to chop my tires loose from the parking lot with an axe to leave for work…… well…. not quite but it was 40 friggin’ degrees.

Living in the great white north (above interstate 10) is risky business but I know people do it…. Iv’e been told there is even life above the Red River, but I think it’s a government plot to see if people can really survive up there.  Can you tell I’m a weenie…. I like warm weather…..?

Yeah I know… I’m grumpy and way off the deep end on this, I tip my hat to Chicagoans that have to shovel 3′ of night snow to make it out the door.

OK, I can tell I’m not doing myself any good here.. I should shut up and drink my coffee… lol.  Just kidding… sorta.  I feel like “Curly” from the three stooges this morning… “I tried to think and nothing happened”

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