The job is over half way complete… lots of hours, 5AM to 7P…  Overall we are doing well, no job in a dangerous environment is without it’s problems, but we have managed them well so far.   I have a sailing trip coming up at the end of the month.  I’m bringing my sailboat from the Galveston area to Corpus Christi for the next job.

The sail will follow the Harvest Moon Regatta’s path, so I forsee 30 to 36 hour passage if we go harbor to harbor.  This summer we will bask in the glory of the deep South Texas sun.  SYL is looking forward to prettier water and abundant winds just above the Mexican border.

During our time on the Southern border I want to drift the Laguna Madre and beach hop to South Padre.  We will have 6 months of weekends free, so I’m exited to explore the sandbars and hypersalinated inland waters that finish the last 275 miles of Texas.

Ohhh… I got a new sailboat!  She’s a 57 monohull, all carbon fiber, mylar / kevlar sails, titanium fittings, the works.  She’s a copy of the America’s Cup winner of 1992.  I’m not joking, I really did.  My only misleading statement is that 57 relates to how long she is in inches (not feet).  Santa Clause gave me the finest RC sailboat I have ever seen.  On the stand she’s 10′-1″ tall and a work of art mechancially.  google “A3 challenger model yachts”

Cool huh?  I want to put her off and let her sail beside us on the trip to Corpus!

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