What A Difference A Day Makes!






Rusty came home last night and put the new floor in the garage and we got everything back, cleaned, wiped and cloraxed.  Rusty got the deck scrubbed.  I just love a clean boat!!!.    Friends of ours dropped by this morning and it was such a pleasant surprise.  They were two men that Rusty and I worked with a year ago.  Good Guys!  It was good to see them.  Then Sally dropped by with cupcakes….We enjoyed the cupcakes with some coffee and visited for a while.  She and her husband will be back this evening for dinner.  It is a beautiful day though a little gusty.  We had thought about taking SYL out, beaching her and cleaning the hull but I think it would be tooooooo cold with the wind ( it has been gusting up to 30 mph) and it is a little overcast.  I think we have enough done for now.

Sea Yawl Later!!


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