TMCA Visits Bayland Marina

Yesterday, about 12 boats from the TMCA (Texas Mariner Cruiser Association) sailed/motored from Kemah to Bayland Marina.  Most of the boats came in around 12:00 and spent the day visiting on other boats and generally just having a good time.  We didn’t know many of them so it was good to meet new “boat friends”.   We also had some old friends come by, we put stuff we brought together and shared a great meal on SYL.  

Rusty tried out his new and improved Australian Bar-B-Q Pit.   Australian “Barbies” are really griddles not what we know as Bar-B-Q pits.  All Seawind boats naturally come with an Australian pit.  We really haven’t used ours much but remembered using the BBQ/griddle on the Seawind 1000 “Allons Y!” that we bare boat chartered years ago.   When we first got SYL we bought a West Marine stainless pit and tried to install it but it just didn’t fit our needs.  All the nice stainless grills are just too short to make “stand up chicken”  I knew if Rusty put his mind to it he could figure out a way to manage.  Well, he figured it out and had a “chicken top” fabricated for our grill, basically a taller lid that fits on top the existing lid.  He tried it out yesterday and it worked beautifully.   

He also fixed what he calls “Cajun Sushi” which is boudain sliced in 1″ long chunks then grilled to make the edges crispy.  Served with BBQ sauce and hot mustard on the side, it’s a great throw down starter dish.  This griddle works even better for the boudain because the flat plate doesn’t let the boudain crumble thru like a conventional grill surface.  We had a feast and a great day of fellowship.  Yesterday evening we showed the movie “Captain Ron” on our sail.  This is a shot from the boat as Rusty set up the projector, we had quite a crowd.  Fun day.

The vice commodore came in an outboard, so there were several people sitting on the boat, then a group of other cruisers ganged up and decided to pile on and see how many the small ship would hold.  I think they managed about one person per foot.


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