We are Back!

We left Clearwater with the intention of staying in Tarpon Springs.  We had a really nice sail to the little river before you enter Tarpon Springs and got set for a small blow…( 30kts).  The little inlet was pretty full already so we didn’t have a lot of room plus the other 3 boats ( I don’t think any were occupied) had back anchors down which we normally would not have done with a blow but because of the small space we were forced to.  Either we were really protected or the winds did not reach the strength predicted because it did not seem to blow very hard.

We entered Tarpon Springs and looked for a good slip but couldn’t find one.  We ultimately decided to go back to Clearwater Wednesday evening which gave us a couple of days to island hop looking for sea glass.  We did go to several islands but we were not able to find much sea glass.

We came back to Clearwater, cleaned the boat and are now waiting for Tom and Cindy.  Yeah!

Sea Yawl Later!!


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  1. Chester B. Hayes says:

    Hi Rusty:
    I am one of the two individuals from Missouri that stopped by yesterday and talked with you. I have read some of your blogs and observed your pictures and I am now a permanent fan of your travels. I hope you do not mind. Thanks so much for the kindnesses extended yesterday. If you ever are up our way near Branson again, let us know. We will be on Sand Key until the end of March and then back to Tablerock Lake. Thanks again. Chester B.

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