Clearwater….Love Clearwater!

We had been to Clearwater and were shown around by a dear family relative and had a great time.  On future trips we assumed we could not see much of Clearwater as before because we didn’t have a car……Wrong!  We went to the Clearwater City Marina and the Harbormaster, Mike, was so friendly but really didn’t have anything we were crazy about.  All of those who know Rusty, know that he never considers any answer definitive or any chart that isn’t worth testing in the right conditions (more on this later).  So….Rusty just looked around on SYL and sure enough found a slot that he thought would work, called Mike, who said if we can fit we can use it.  Turns out it is a permanent slip that isn’t rented for right now.  It was an awesome slip, right on the main dock from all the activities, shops, offices and yet far enough not to be noisey.  We like the traffic and end up meeting lots of interesting people.

It is always a treat to have unlimited WATER….even with a watermaker we have to be careful when it comes to showers.  Everyone seem to reccomend “Frenchy’s” and the original was within walking distance and the food was good.  I had a month of clothes to wash and we were so close to the laundry I didn’t have to stay with the clothes.  They had two washers which is pretty normal,  Remember I told you that the Harbormaster, Mike, was a good guy?  Well, he loan us his truck so Rusty and I could make a West Marine and Target run.  I bought several new products to try for several different problems with SYL.  The main issue that is bugging me is the residual glue from the adhesive backed velco we used to hang the no see-um netting the first year.  I have tried, goo gone, all kinds of cleaners and recently someone suggested WD-40.  Nothing worked.  Then another friend suggested just using a plastic razor blade which works a little but the razor blade lasts about 3 minutes.  At West Marine the fella reccomend “Anti-Bond 2015….nope that didn’t work either.  Now it is soft but won’t come off even with a large plastic putty knife.  I’ll keep trying….:)

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