Egmont Key

We just entered the Tamapa Bay area from Siesta Key.  I decided to go out to the mouth of the bay to Egmont Key for the night….  The islands SE sand bar would totally protect us from the small rollers and wind left over from the fairly overcast and meager 6 knot of wind we had most of the day.   We are 15 miles from St. Pete and have the whole of Tampa Bay layed out in front of us to explore.

About 3PM (just before anchoring) we got a light drizzle…. the boat felt damp inside so after getting the hook down and a great dinner….. I cranked up the AC to dry us out.   Jono took the dink out for a “fishing” expedition on the totally flat bay after the rain.  It goes without saying but….. no fish dinner tomorrow.

The South end of the island is a bird sanctuary… so the very best beaches here are off limits to us pesky humans.  I assume a pair of double breasted pink and lavender flamingos flew by here one day looking amourous at each other so now it’s hallowed ground and off limits to us destroyers of nature (cruisers).  Yeah I sound synical… but I understand how birds have dominion over the humans….  oh wait…… I think I read somewhere that WE have dominion over the animals……  maybe just not here in Florida.

We will spend the next few days dodging the expected rain.  The weekend is promising showers so we may enjoy the fresh water on the decks…. or do some land excursions.  So far with Jono on board…. if we saw something that looked interesting along the shore we called “excursion”  and pulled off to investigate.  Venice was fun, we found a super cool island to inhabit right at the Venice Inlet.   We have stopped to take pictures of Dolphin as they played… just generally fooled around on our way home for the past couple weeks.

more later…. SYL  Rusty

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