Foggy Morning

We woke up to fog this morning….. that means calm winds and warm temps.  It’s nice seeing the fog this morning since we don’t have to move today unless we want to.  The visual blanket isn’t always welcome, but this morning we have no agenda that makes fog a problem so we sit and enjoy the beach and our own personal 200 yard circle of life over coffee and Linda’s breakfast “migas”.   It’s 9 now and the sun shows itself through the hazy morning now and then.  Generally I have found that by 10 in the morning Florida shows you what the day will be like.

Yesterday evenings drizzle made the boat damp inside so I ran the AC several hours before we went to sleep.  The dry boat made a huge difference.  We all slept well.  The light winds did move the boat over a shallow spot about 4 this morning, we bumped the bottom wandering around in the light shifting winds on the long rode.  Jono and I got up and set a stern anchor to hold the boat in place.  My little 8# Manson serves well as a light day anchor and low wind stern anchor.  It has enough holding power to be very useful.

The anchorage was a good choice, it was flat and fairly quiet.  Apparently the birds in this “sanctuary” are so excited about living here they can’t sleep at night….. the gulls yacked outside all night long.   We are SO LUCKY to have a seagull sanctuary….. those things are almost extinct… you almost never see one right?  I can officially tell you they love the South end of Egmont Key.  In truth though… they didn’t keep us awake, we didn’t even hear them from below decks.  We are just far enough away from their party town that we slept well, but I can report they were still hitting the bottle and laughing around the camp fire at 4AM when Jono and I got up temporarily for the stern set.

9:44  on my second cup of coffee.  Jono has the long handle squeegie pushing water off the back deck.  The divider that encloses the back of the salon is still up to keep the boat dry.  I can see the bottom of the fog bank as it lifts.  It’s actually a pretty morning.  Every now and then a flight of late night partiers come by and laugh at us on their way to breakfast…. other than that the morning is quiet and Linda’s wonderful breakfast goes down good.

It’s almost 10 and our cirlcle of life is growing larger.  Breakfast is over so Jono and I are about to go see what high tide left us on the beach.   Sea Yawl Later !!  Rusty

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