SYL crossing the Gulf

SYL left Destin this afternoon for points South!  By the direction they are taking it seems the Keys may even be their target.  The best thing about leaving from Destin is you can bail out anywhere along the West coast.  With all the trials Mark and Julie have had, I hope they don’t feel the need to pass up much of the pretty part of Florida in order to make some schedule.  Clearwater to Marco is the best part of the ICW. 

Linda and I have done much of the “work” to get ready for our big summer.  The RV is settled, the car is pretty well packed, we made it to the lake.. I have had more than one 10 hour sleep!  Life is good.  After months of 4AM wake ups…… it’s pretty nice to see light coming in the window when I get up.  I’m looking forward to some more of those lazy mornings, some down time here at the lakehouse before we take on the boat trip.

Right now the full moon is reflecting off the lake… yep….. time for some serious rest.

Sea Yawl Later !!


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