We are enjoying the Lake House.  Visiting with good friends we haven’t seen in ages around the lake, riding in the golf cart, the semi cool spring weather is such a difference from the 4AM get ups and a 20 minute drive into the middle of an oil refinery that spits out sour smells and steam….. 

After resting and sleeping for days now.. I got out and visited the neighbors a bit today.  Our house “Sitton on the Lake” is a unique and quiet respite.  Gentle winds thru the 90′ pine trees.. the fresh scent of clean country air across the water….. looking out the picture windows at the patterns the wind  makes on the surface of the lake are healthy to the mind and body.  Definitely a change from the windowless office I have been spending time in.

Today I made some vacation progress… I tuned up and packed my remote control sailboat in it’s carrying case for the Bahama trip.  My Chistmas gift this year was a 57″ long 10′ tall carbon fiber replica of the 1993 america’s cup sailboat.  I’m looking forward to playing with it in the Georgetown harbor.   I like toys, this one will be quite the conversation piece among the sailors.  It’s a big investment as far as space goes to carry the huge RC sailboat but I know it will be worth it.

Chillin’ at the lake with a big trip on the horizon….


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