You can suspend iPhone service with AT&T

I had an iphone before we started cruising and I have really miss it when we are in the states. It just didn’t make economic sense to pay monthly fees while we are gone. I love my ipad and I would love to have an iphone so… I called and talked with at&t. I was referred to Customer Care where the first person told me they could suspend my service for $10.00 a month up to six months a year. Great. I have learned however, to double check.  I called back and talked with someone else who apparently has been with the company longer and she said, yes they can suspend service but you have to have had service for 6 months. Well, since we are probably leaving in March that wouldn’t work for me for this year (unless I can work something out with E…:) )

I thought I would pass this info on to other cruiser/travelers.

Sea Yawl Later!!

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