New Look For Website

We are making major changes to the website.  Our son, Stuart, had set up our webpage using Frontpage initially. Frontpage was way to complicated for me to use plus I really wanted to use my Mac.  When are changing to WordPress and having a new host.  It has been challenging but I must say that the support for Go Daddy and Host Gator has been very patience.  I think if we did not want to preserve the existing data on it would have been a breeze.  Wordpress is free but I did purchase a “CrashCourse” that seems to filter out all the whistle and bells so I can just get the basic’s down.  I am hopeful that we can have the “new and improved” website up and running in a few days with small improvements occurring over time.  Wish me luck.  I am not a techie but I am trying…..:)

Sea Yawl Later!!



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