St Augustine….A Historical City Full of 1st and “Oldest”

We have been here in St Augustine now for two days and will be leaving with a strong desire to return.  I was totally unprepared for the enchanting qualities of this historical city.  We took a slip, which for us is a rarity, but it proved to be such a good decision.  The St Augustine Municipal Marina is clean, well-ran, well-equipted and extraordinarily friendly, a quality we found greeted us at every corner.  The eagerness to be helpful and engaging seemed almost contagious.  For example, today on the train tour, in less than two hours we had lunch with a lady who invited us to dock at her home on the water in Annapolis and enjoyed a wine tasting with the owners of Flats Fishing Co  from Talleshasse Florida who invited us to be their guest on a fishing trip.  We exchanged emails and have every intention of reconnecting with these new “friends”.  I will be back!  The next post will include photos and a short history lesson.

Sea Yawl Later!


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  1. Darrell Dardenne says:

    I checked out your blog.
    We are glad to see you are having a great time in St Augustine.

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