Sea Yawl Later!! Is On Her Way…without us!

Yesterday SYL started this season’s adventure…without us.  We have friends that we have hired to take SYL to Florida.  Rusty’s job is not going to be over until later in March so we decided to have SYL delivered so we can make it to the Exuma’s and still have plenty of time before hurricane season starts.  We are both ready to “get away”.  It has been a hard couple of years and this TA is and has been difficult.  Erin and I have been at the lake for almost a month.  E is pregnant with my first grandchild and her husband, Michael, is working nights for the TA so it just made sense to be here.  Monday we head back to Corpus Christi with a stop in Webster for a doctor’s appointment for E.  Rusty and my RV is in the shop having warranty work and won’t be ready until sometime late in the week.  My sweet hubby made reservations at the Omni in Corpus for Monday and Tuesday……I was looking at Motel 6’s.

The refrigerator in the RV has never worked properly since we bought the Columbus new.  Now the freezer smells awful because it defrosted with shrimp in it.  I tried cleaning with Clorox wipes but it didn’t help.  I haven’t completely emptied it so I will try that next.  According to Colonial Del Rey the manufacturer, Dometic, says it is my problem.  We shall see.   If I can’t get the smell out then it will make selling the RV rather difficult.  I am not letting them off the hook that easy.  I have had the refrig worked on twice and this is a new RV.

Anyway, I hope to deal with that while in Corpus.  We are not sure where SYL will be when Rusty gets finished but wherever they are we will meet them there.  For now we just longingly watch SYL on SPOT.

Sea Yawl Later!!


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  1. judith says:

    Our son just purchased an old sailboat from an estate. The owner had died after a LENGTHY hospital stay. His daughter sold the boat ‘as is’. Our son found a package of hotdogs in the freezer that were black! He emptied a big box of baking soda in the bottom and then placed a dozen or so charcoal briquets in on top of the soda. NOT the quick start kind! (Smell the bag, if it smells like it would burst into flames it’s not the kind you want.) He left this for a week or so then cleaned it out and now has only soda and crumpled news papers in it. Seems to be working for him. He says he can no longer smell his boat when he drives up to the marina! Good luck!

    • Rusty and Linda says:

      Thanks so much. I will give it a try. We have a chest freezer here at the lake I think I will try it on. Appreciate the info!


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