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These Photo’s are of our anchorage at Rockhouse Creek and of us leaving that anchorage and going under Coronado Bridge.  We have to pass through numerous bridges and when looking at that number it might dissuade you from taking the ICW but we have not found it a problem in all the years we have traversed the ICW.  Get a Skipper Bob’s guide (realize it is not always current) and time your trip accounting for the bridges scheduled openings or more importantly that you do not arrive at one of their restricted times which is usually for morning and evening work traffic.  It is not hard to do and we rarely have to wait on a bridge.  It is really kind of fun to keep track of the schedules.  We also use Sea Clear which I highly reccomend.  It is a free software that with a UBS plug in device lets you know Exactly where you are on the charts.  We have found it very accurate and it takes a lot of worry out of traveling in areas with shoals or shallows.   If anyone has questions about either of these items or anything else for that matter, just contact us here, facebook or our email and we are happy to answer any questions.  Happy sailing (or

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  1. Jim Sitton says:


    I was bored with what I was supposed to be doing so I wrote you a little program. It downloads the Spot XML data and makes a KML file that will plot your track in Google Earth.

    Go to There’s a KML file of your progress to date and the program used to make it.

    To open the KML file you must have Google Earth installed. Just download the KML file I’ve created to your computer then double click it.

    You can get a fresh KML file by just running the program and clicking the Do It button. It will automatically download and process the Spot data and open it in Google Earth. In Google Earth you can expand the SYL Track folder in the left pane, click on Track, then click the little folder icon just to the right of the up/down arrows. That will take you on a tour of your track.

    Hope you have fun with it.

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