I Thought I Had Seen It All!


We have been cruising long enough and far enough that for the Florida coast and the Exuma’s I thought I had seen it all. Correction!  This was so unusual that at first I was not sure WHAT I was seeing.  The Florida ICW is really beautiful.  It has untouched land but it mostly has very beautiful homes all along the ICW.  Frequently you will see some of these homes for sale.  The above pictured house had a “For Sale” sign posted which of course is not unusual…What was unusual is that on the roof of the otherwise well kept house was a Flock of BUZZARDS.  By the time I realize what I was seeing and grabbed the camera the best shot had passed me by but you can still see a few of the two plus dozen buzzards perched on the house as though they were waiting for the next tenant.   I am not superstitious at all but I don’t think I would enter a house to even look at it if as I approached the house I saw the roof littered with awaiting buzzards.   LOL!!

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  1. Tassie says:

    Wow! I’m with you on this one. Don’t think I would want to visit or own that house either. Beautiful photos of the sunsets! Wish I was there!
    Love yall!

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