July 4th & 5th 2013

We continued our vacation on South Padre Island with friends that drove in for the holiday.  “Sea Ranch Marina” hosted us well…  As is frequently the case because of our width – we were on the tee head.   However the docks are only 7 slips or so long so a walk to the tee head is not the chore it is at some larger facilities.  Land access was easy and comfortable.  We enjoyed the little marina, $65 a night is a little pricey for Texas, but all in all a good value.

The 4th:  We made a short sail out into the blue green gulf.  Winds were light, but we did not have an agenda or distance to make so the sail was easy… leisurely.  After a good meal at Dirty Al’s, I sailed my RC boat in the harbor until almost dark and visited with friends.   It was an easy day, nothing big to report… just lazying around on the sailboat acting like tourists…  waiting for dark to see the big fireworks show.  About 8 we slipped out of the marina to station ourselves in the open water for the show…. It’s my experience that fireworks refelcting off the water greatly improves the event.  By 10:00PM we were back in port with the afterglow of the fireworks fresh in our eyes.  What a nice day with friends.

The 5th:  Today we did it all… we ate a good breakfast on the boat, made quite an excursion in the full day sun out to the big water.  On the way in we stopped to bob under the boat on a nice hard bottom sandbar at the harbor entrance, then we docked and cooked steaks, baked potatoes and had a nice spinach salad for dinner.  After a great meal we went to town for an ice cream dessert… back on the boat some napped while I sailed my RC boat in the harbor until dark.  That’s a good day of vacation…..

Late in the day I started looking at weather for the trip home and made my sail plan.  Our little boat is shinny as a new penny… all the rope clutches are brand new and wonderful to use, fresh “SYL” logos and so much more.  It’s sweet to have the boat in such good shape.  Still more to do, but she’s fun to sail looking so spiffy.  The fresh wax feels good under your feet.

With low pressure building over the Gulf, we decided to head home mid Saturday.  Our trip would be an offshore direct run to get her home and settled in the nest Sunday, and go to work Monday.  Phone calls made, plans for crew settled, this would be the last night for SYL in South Padre Island for this vacation.

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