Day 4!

The perfect day….. huh!!!?  I sailed all day long and never took the dock lines off the cleats at sea Ranch Marina SPI.   Hmmmmm you say…how did you do that!  Here is the itinerary for the perfect day for a Tuesday on South Padre Island:  I woke up at 9:30AM to a cabin on a boat that was the perfect 70 degrees, probably 37% humidity (inside).. crisp clean sheets on a king size bed… to the sound of my wife bringing me coffee and strawberry cream cheese on bagels…… the sun was bright, almost no wind… a bluebird day in the making.  After good conversation and breakfast, the perfect day blossomed.




Mid morning included lots of work….. well.. work might be an overstatement… here’s what I did:  I took my new radio and receiver out of the box for my remote control sailboat and installed it.  “Work” on vacation means you have to actually use your brain…  Well I had to read instructions written in english by japanese… and decipher a bit of electronic wizardry.  Taxing.. treaturously terrible I tell you for vacationing…. but within an hour and half I had the new radio talking to the boat and doing all the things it was supposed to do!

SAILING a 57 monohull!  Other than eating lunner (lunch and dinner combined) at 2PM at “Dirty Al’s”  most of the day was spent in the dingy patrolling the harbor sailing my 57″ carbon fiber RC sailboat…. talking to little kids about sailing, and sailboats and the America’s Cup that the boat I was sailing was modeled after….  What a glorious day!  The “project” of getting the radio set up was a success, then the wonderful day of sailing was so much fun….,…!  And we never untied a dock line.











Killing time aboard a sailboat with your wife.. sailing around the harbor without leaning over one time….. for me it was nirvana….  The epicenter of enjoyment…. Linda was happy, my electronic efforts rewarded (which is not always the case)… I call that a GOOD day of vacation. How do you cap all that off?  Well, with the perfect end to a perfect day!  M&M candy drops, frozen, with ice cold milk…… wish you were me right????

Sea Yawl Later  !! Rusty

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