We slipped easily into GT  the day before yesterday as predicted, it was the driest and best day to make the short outside passage.  We have not seen the rain as we expected last night and today.  Clouds are broken and it’s a decent day. I have had a some issues with weak batteries here on SYL so yesterday I removed all 4 of my house batteries, cleaned connections and topped off liquid levels.  I also did a diagnostic on each cell.  One battery tested poorly, but I’m hoping it will revive itself with the added liquid.  I have two banks of batterles, so I isolated the questionable battery on a separate circuit so I can turn it off independently if it proves faulty.  Last night was a bit muggy so I decided to run the air conditioner but it would not run well.  Shortly after turning it on voltage dropped and it shut itself off.  After hours of feeling wires for heat and searching I found a burned butt splice connector near the inverter And replaced the splice.  The AC ran all night without a hitch.

All my electrical problems are not solved, but heading in the right direction.  I was up until almost 2AM piddling with it last night.  Not that I felt I had to get it all done last night, I just felt like pursuing it so I did.

We are anchored at sand dollar beach.  GT is pretty empty this time of year.  There are maybe 30 boats in the harbor, maybe not.  We have been to the supermarket and found a very acceptable Chinese diner in town.

We met a couple from Idaho yesterday.  We were bobbing under the boat at the beach when they walked by.  Interesting couple, quite accomplished, he’s built an airplane and climbed very tall mountains.  He told us about scaling “Denali”…. Apparently its 18,000 feet tall.  We had a nice dinner of peas and rice,    with Caesar salad, they brought home made bread and sliced oranges.  Their boat is a Hunter 45.

I have a couple projects in mind today, if I get to them fine…. If not I’ll take care of it tomorrow… or not.  There are always ways to improve a boat, plenty “opportunities” to keep from being bored.

We just ate lunch and I feel a nap coming on…….. More later, or not.




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  1. judith says:

    Love following your blog, but why do I not see pictures of these places? Seeing a beach on my computer screen brings me joy as I sit here in North Texas.

    • Rusty and Linda says:

      We have had internet issues. We bought a sim card for my iPad which I do not use a lot and it seems next to impossible to load pictures up on the blog. I have been able to get them on Facebook but it is a major hassle, taken with camera, load on computer then choose pictures and then sync with iPad. Today we are back in GT and have real internet so I should be able to put up a lot of photos. Thanks for the input! We didn’t think anyone but family was following our blog anymore because we had been so intermitted about posting. Again thanks for commenting!
      Sea Yawl Later!!

      • judith says:

        Nah, I’m here! Living (following) vicariously back here in North Texas. That’s too bad about the internet problems. I’ll look forward when you do get the pictures loaded.

  2. Jonathon says:

    Nice! It looks like you guys are in prime real estate there in GT…I checked it out on googleearth. It’s right by the market, and near some tiny islands. I see that you guys stayed on the inside of Stocking Island last night. Looks like a good place to post up at. Right next to a trail that cuts across the island to the outside edge. Have you been looking/found and good seaglass out there? I’m so excited to get back into the boating mindset. Scanning horizons and maps for places that seem interesting. Walking the beaches in the morning, looking for washed up treasures. Feel free to save any two-man projects that you want to get done to the boat until I get out there. Glad you got the batteries up to par and the A/C figured out. <3

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