Rain in the Bahamas, who ordered that?

Who is the one that made it rain…… In the Bahamas!   We have seen several days of rain, with more expected this week.  Hopefully it will all be over before our guests show up.  Generally it’s not a show stopper, but the water is so much prettier with full sun.

SYL currently sits at Children’s Cay, 15 miles from Georgetown.  With the rain and thunder showers we opted to head for GT early so we could pick our weather.  Today we did 32 miles, an easy day leaving Black Point about 10:AM.  Whoever owns Children’s Bay Cay is pouring in the money…. New construction is evident all over the island.  I can’t fathom how much it takes to run an island… Much less build one up from scratch like they do here in the Bahamas.

I’ve seen Buffets airplane here, the runway is right on the beach….. There is a concrete ramp so a seaplane can roll up onshore after water landings.  I’m not sure who owns the island, but he must be doing OK even in today’s economy.  I can hear the very large generator that powers the island running from the boat.  We met several new cruisers….. The last couple are both dentists who bought their 50′ Privelidge catamaran in Thailand.  They intend to sail around the world in stages, working the business in between cruises.  Nice couple.  Another new acquaintance from Staniel Cay is a couple from Ohio, we enjoyed their wonderful company last week.  They flew out Monday and left the Bahamas to us…..

I understand there are not many boats in GT, that might actually be nice.  Often when we show up for a regatta there can be 300 to 400 boats in the harbor.  I understand there are about 10 now.

I have been playing with my sea glass lately, I always use this best pieces first so I need to make a new search.  I’ve made about 20 new pieces.  Linda captures her favorites, I try to keep some available as gifts.  I completed a couple yesterday and worked on a few more, so I have enough for now.  I probably still have 200 pieces to work with.  This trip I found some excellent sources in the Exumas.  You want to know where I go?  Yeah I bet!   Lately the beaches I go to are hard to land on… Big surf, big waves so you need to go when it’s fairly calm.  I go when I get close no matter the waves.  Landing the dinghy is not the challenge…. It’s getting off the big beach into the surf…but that’s where you find the good stuff so that’s where I go.

I did find an easy beach that yields pretty nice glass.  I’m sure I’ll bring my guests to it so they can gather some jewelry grade pieces.  Maybe we can make it together while they are here.  I have all my tools on the boat.

Well, it’s almost sunset…..  Guess I’ll get off here and settle in for the night.  We are in an excellent anchorage with good protection.  6:30 in the morning we will check on the outside passage with Chris Parker.  I suspect we will be in GT noonish.

Sea Yawl Later !!   Rusty


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  1. Jonathon says:

    Kind of answers my question from my other post about seaglass. Exumas eh? That sounds like fun times. If that’s where the prime glass is, that’s where I wanna go see. 8)

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