Cocoa Beach



We passed Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach today on our way South.   In spite of adverse current for much of the day we made over 60 miles today.  When we struck out I noticed a helping current for the first time in 3 days….. that lasted a full 600 yards until we rejoined the ICW.  Between Jacksonville and Titusville… apparently the ICW flows North all the time…..  This morning I was motorsailing to beat the band… and a butterfly passed me……   that’s right!  Now he was smart, he drafted me on the low side to pass… but he did it!  That was disheartening.

After lunch we entered Indian River, where the ICW is wide, the current didn’t effect us as much and the winds that were there could be better used.  More on the day’s trip later, I’m about to go stretch out my back… but we motorsailed sun up to sun down for our longest day yet.  The second half of the day we held close to 7 knots and stacked up the miles.

More later…. Rusty

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