Blackwater Sound – Gilbert’s and Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill

One of our favorite hangouts in Blackwater Sound was Gilbert’s.  We pulled up and found they were under major renovations projects.  They once small, quaint outdoor karanoke bar is growing and they are expanding…..big time.  Much of the expansion was still under construction but their new Cabana bar was up and running.

The new and improved Gilberts




After their famous drink which I now can not remember the name, we left for Jimmy Johnson’s The Big Chill.  We heard about this place from the charter boat at Boca Chita.  Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill is not set up for dock side large cat’s but they allowed us to “park” in a “no parking zone” since they were not busy.  I guess if you wanted to go to The Big Chill you normally would have to dinghy in.  The Big Chill was very, very nice and I suspect by the presentation of the food I saw being served it was very good….and very pricey.  Rusty went inside and looked at their “sports bar” at the encouragement of one of the managers and apparently it is also very, very nice.  If you are in the area and want a very nice, high end, dinner I suspect it would be a great place to go.  Again we all had a drink and we were on our way.

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