Blackwater Sound….and evening on anchor


In the Key’s one of my favorite places to anchor is Blackwater Sound.  It is large, close enough to eatery’s (if you want) yet you can get off by yourself without a lot of traffic ( can’t tell you what it is like in the summer though).

We got our anchor down well before sunset.  Karen spent some “downtime” on the bow of SYL just soaking in the spectacular sunset.  One of my greatest pleasures cruising is that everyday, and I mean everyday we are treated to beautiful sunsets and sunrising.  Even the lake can not compare to being out on open water.  There is nothing to obstruct the beauty.   All this is missed in populated areas because there are always structures of some sort blocking the beauty nature provides us every day.

Karen Relaxing at Blackwater Sound


Sunset at Blackwater Sound


Blackwater Sound - Full Moon

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