Week at the Lake

Although the job I’m on isn’t ending yet, I’m moving to another.  We knew when I came to Motiva Port Arthur that I was committed to a job in Texas City that would begin in October.  I’ll take a week in between jobs to rest at the lake.

I’m training a replacement for my seat at Motiva.  The program and efforts I’m handling here are multi faceted, so handing it off to someone else is complicated.  Most schedules are built and not changed after they start, but this one is a live document that has to be managed by hand every week.  Material supply has driven every step of the project so as material dates change, we move the schedule to fit the new situation.

Linda had a nice respit at the lake, she came to Beaumont for her birthday so she’s here right now.  Saturday we will both head up to the lake again.  Not much else happening… I’m looking forward to sleeping past 5:40AM.  I haven’t had many of those mornings lately so the quiet and solitude of the lake… watching the wind on the water when I get up around 9 will be wonderful.  The weather is cool…. I’m happy about the slow upcoming week.

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