Scotty’s Landing in Dinner Key…more bridges…..

We debated taking the Ft Lauderdale Tour Boat or starting our sail.  All being sailors the vote was to SAIL.  The first part of the trip was motoring thru 8 more bridges but our experience was more like what we were use to…….pleasant and uneventful.  We arrive around 4:00 to Card Sound and Scotty’s Landing.  They were expecting thing to be slow so they agreed to let us just stay tied up to their dock for the night.  We had great hamburgers and then Rusty did a walk-about and found an awesome primarily organic neighborhood grocery.  We communicated via phone and eliminated the need for a trip to Publix the next day.  Only one little snag, it started a downpour as Rusty was checking out.  Karen to the rescue, she took two umbrella’s and her handy-dandy Iphone and met Rusty at the store.

The next morning we were off….

Last Bridge for awhile1

SYL at Scotty's Landing at Dinner Key

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