Loading the car for our 2012 Cruise…

The last few days preparing to leave have been wild.  But this morning is different… I’m sitting here at the lakehouse looking out the big windows and a bald eagle just landed in a big tree in the yard…  It’s dead quiet except for the light wind filtering thru the tree branches….. pretty serene.

The “to go” pile is ready to load and essentially complete, It fills one whole corner of the living room.  Linda left this morning for Beaumont, her trip will begin tomorrow.  Linda will spend the weekend in Florida with Erin ironing out some of her destination wedding plans that will take place in August.  I will follow Sunday and pick Linda up on the way East, that will put us on the boat in Georgia by Monday night.

I have a couple days to load the car.  Today I’ll clean the car out and start the load.  I want to look at every item and mark it off on my list, so it’s not as simple as just throwing stuff in the car.  I’m sure we will leave something we intended to bring, but that’s just the way it goes.

9:58PM  I emptied the Magnum, did an inventory of items to load and got 1/2 the boat stuff in the car this evening…….. It appears there is room for everything, but it will certainly be tight.  It’s lucky we bought a station wagon… it seems everywhere we go the car is full all the way to the headliner…

Tonight a full moon rose about 8PM over the glass smooth lake outside the window….. it was a beautiful sight.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful sunrise and sets SYL has in store for us this season.  Living on the water provides an every- day opportunity for picturesque morning and evening landscapes.

Sea Yawl Later !!   Rusty

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