June…. 2012

We haven’t posted in a long time…. things have been less than calm we have had no time for the blog.  Since we last blogged we lost some family members.  Life has not been to rosy for us.  Luckily we were here with our family instead of across the ocean so we could be with and deal with each situation as it came up.  I strongly felt it was time to spend some time at home…. and I’m glad we did.  I feel like it will be a year at best before we go out again.  We will sail locally and discover the Texas coast South of us… but we shant head East for some time.  I’m so glad I have the adventure of our past voyages in the book, we will go again…. but now for a while…. our time will be spent with family and work… both need our attention and we are glad to give it.

OK… no more downers…….  The good news is it looks like things are settling down some.  We still have some hills to climb but we have a very good Sherpa……..  I’m not sure our maker has ever been called a sherpa… but you get my drift.   Our friends have lifted us up through all our trials to an uncommon… I thought about the work “unexpected”.. but it was not… an uncommon ability to bear up under sorrow.   Can I give you silent sufferers some advice.   DON’T.   Just don’t keep your trials secret among those who love you.  Trust me when I say everyone involved in a caring act is blessed.  I’m not saying be a drama queen…… I’m saying honestly share your suffering with friends.  As they lift you up in prayer you can feel it.  What happens is you begin feeling guilty about not feeling bad.  again….. DON’T.  When loving friends cover you in the prayer of comfort… accept the results for everyones sake.

Linda is off the boat for a bit… she stayed at the lake after a wonderful fathers day and anniversary party for my parents.  Linda will go to Beaumont soon to help “E” with wedding stuff.  My mom and dad were married June 13, 1952.  60 years of caring and raising us kids…..

Dad was captain of the Nederland High School football team  (about the time Bum Phillips got his first high school head coaching job in Nederland).  Mom was the head cheerleader……. they were the best of the best in 1951…. cool huh?

Some of the players started wearing face masks when daddy played ball.. but many didn’t.  Leather helments were still around…. Bum and Debbie Phillips are still mom and dad’s friends.  My folks are 78 now, they go to the lake house a lot.. daddy takes care of the place and enjoys driving the golf cart around visiting our good neighbors….. even some of the grumpy ones… lol.  Mom cooks and works on her computer….. quite the internet granny…  we are blessed they like the lakehouse.  If not, the house and property would suffer greatly without their care while I am away sailing or working…..

I know you think you do….. but I have the best parents in the world.

Erin had some great photos made at her engagment shoot.  Here is my favorite:

What a couple huh?

It’s 8:40, I guess it’s close to bed time for me.  I’ll go down and read for a while.  The boat is still in Baytown, I stay on her to work during the week.  I will likely be changing job locations soon.  The current job only last for 4 more weeks at best.  I’ll probably go a bit more South but still in Texas… hopefully close to a good marina.

g’night Rusty



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