I am Struggling with WordPress!

I am struggling with WordPress.  I took the crash course and it was great but it was just the very basics.  If I want to post more than one photo, create albums, or anything more than I have done I am not doing so well.  So….rather than not post, I have decided to just post with what I know how to do for now.  If any of you know of any good video’s on WordPress please let me know.  There is a wealth of information out there but right now with Christmas I just don’t have the time to filter through it all.

I thought I was going to have all this time to learn more about my mac and revamp the web site…..but since we are leaving in January instead of March or later things have esculated around here.  I am not complaining (well not really) but I need to download tutorials rather than count on having  good internet access. My first priority is how to post and manage photo’s better.  I can put them on the web site but I can’t figure out how to edit them once I have them on a post.  Ah, well….more tutorials are needed…:)

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