Houston is flooded, Beaumont is next.

This historic event created by Hurricane Harvey is enormous.  It’s hard to wrap your head around it, 6 million people (just in Houston) are flooded, many of them tragically.  Being an old guy…. I have some human observations I’d like to share:

  • I’ll be interested to see how many looters survive in Texas.  After Katrina the rats that feast on heartache swarmed New Orleans.  I know, I was there.  Looters are already showing up in Rockport after the water receded, but I predict they will see a different America.  Why?  I believe the answer is twofold.  1. Texans have a long standing history of self reliance and self determination.  2. The political climate is different.  I pretty much guarantee you when those good old boys left home they didn’t leave their pistol behind.  Texans are helpful and warm hearted to a fault but don’t cross one…  Political correctness is starting to give way to actual correctness, words like “common sense” and “reality” are becoming popular again.  I believe there is less confusion between right and wrong because the reality based silent majority is speaking up… the loud mouths with an inch deep and mile wide belief system are starting to hearing us.  I believe this newfound national clarity may lead to stronger law enforcement, from the citizens of Texas as well as those who make their living behind the gun.
  • Catastrophe is an accelerator, it seems to push down the gas pedal of a populations natural human behavior.  During Katrina the good people were doing more good, and bad people felt like they had free reign to pillage.  That’s not a news event that I read about…. I witnessed it first hand.  When it’s easy to see who’s good and bad, when there’s no doubt what evil looks like, life changing decisions come quick and easy.  I think America craves that clarity…  Fake news driven by corporate agendas, special interests and liberal clouds of uncertainty are being “found out”.  I predict (because I’m old) that it will become unimaginable in the near future, that one particular word or another would draw the wrath of the purely emotionally driven non-involved public.  I think “political correctness” is giving way to “actual correctness” again.  Clarity is a rare commodity these days right?  Here’s a challenge to think about- If you truly want some clarity in your life… figure out how to personally participate in the recovery effort from Harvey.  Trust me you will witness clarity of purpose at an alarming rate.  My memories of boat rescues and just the visual scene of cars under my boat, watching multiple helicopters in the air at all times play like a movie scene in my head.
  • Here’s how you’ll know if you need to go:  For Katrina, I didn’t “think” I ought to go help…. there came up a force within me that I couldn’t resist.  It may not be that intense for some folks, but for me it was an uncommon passion like I never felt before.  If you’re decision to physically participate (or not) has the faintest amount of guilt somewhere in it, your not being called.  Trust me if God wants you there he doesn’t use guilt, that flame in your heart to participate won’t have any negative or realized fear in it… anywhere.  Knowing you have the means, equipment and experience coupled with that passion from within is a powerful thing.  When those stars align..  you’ll know it.  Now a word of caution here….. don’t decide to show up unprepared just because your a passionate person… that’s not helpful.  Don’t be “that guy”  If you tend to crave life’s extremes do us all a favor and stay home, I saw him during Katrina too.  Your true decision maker will be an uncommon passion that solidly and unmistakably switches on a light inside you.  You’ll know if you need to go.  I’ve wondered if I would get that this time… I considered heading out for Harvey….. but I can tell you for sure, I haven’t felt that undeniable need this time.  Not to say I won’t… maybe I’m supposed to be right here at this keyboard instead.
  • IF you go and intend to be a frontline rescuer here’s what you need:  Many will disagree but I’m telling you.. don’t go and be a victim.  Wear a gun where all can see it.  Texas is an open carry state, it’s legal.  If you go….bring the ability to survive with you, be totally self contained with water, food, gas, whatever you need.  Don’t go and become part of the problem.  If your going to be a server or part of the protected infrastructure you won’t need a gun, but if you’re out there ranging, rescuing, on the front lines don’t leave home without it.  Don’t make believe your some protected martyr, “if God doesn’t want me to die he’ll protect me”  OK, he is telling you now… If your out there on the flooded plains of Texas and capable of making good decisions, bring a gun… we are going to need you in Houston soon.  It’s time for the good guys to ride.. time to tame those wild Texas plains once again.  We are underwater…..

Having seen this on a smaller scale during Katrina, I can tell you the government will finally show up and relieve you, so three days or so is all you probably need to plan for.  Given what I’ve heard on the news I think our new law and order government might show up quicker than they did in New Orleans.  In a couple days the need for rescue will probably be over, but people still need to be moved around by boat.  I spent one day just moving people out of one hospital without power to another.  That was a big job that needed lots of boats.

Thanks for listening in on my story…

Sea Yawl Later !!


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